What if u knew when u would die?

Morbid or thought provoking consideration? Or both…

From all of the “news” that bombards me everyday, there was one story that really caught my attention. It’s a story that I believe should catch everyone’s attention…

It is a non-fiction tale about something that is dying as I write this…yeah Darron, but everything and everyone will eventually die so what’s the big deal?

The big deal, u ask…well, this something is one of the most vital “bodies” that sustains lives and lives and more lives. IT is all around us…most of us take it for granted, thinking it is too BIG to die. Well, is it? According to top scientists, it will die in the year of our Lord, 2048 if we don’t prevent it from dying right before our eyes.

One of the first signs or symptoms if u will, is the emergence of millions if not billions of jellyfish in our oceans. I won’t get into all of the science, but jellyfish is the cancer of our great bodies of water. I visited my brother, way back in 88′, while he was living in L.A. He took me down to the Santa Monica beach and as soon as I stepped a few feet into the inviting water, I was stung by a jellyfish. Ouch.

I didn’t think much of it (the jellyfish) because I was distracted by the swelling and the painful sensations I was feeling from its attack. That was the end to my relaxing dip in the sea which I was not too happy. I had planned to frolic in the Pacific for at least 15 minutes.

2048…if I live to that year, I will be 82 which is not out of the question since my maternal grandpa is currently 94. But with the oceans gone, U and I will be gone too.

So back to my “headline” proposition…if u knew when u would die, what would u do to stop it (your death date)? Would u think, I have to die sometime, so just let it happen…just like we are currently treating the impending doom of the seas. OR would u take an active role to change the course of your time?

U see, we have to take an active role in preventing the oceans from dying. Did you know, right now there is over 700 tons of plastic floating around in the seas? So…well, as the fish ingest the plastic, it kills them. And when the fish die, then the bigger fish don’t have the food to survive and so and so on. Just as the jellyfish are eating up the green stuff, leaving less for the little fishes to eat on. Ellen should focus less on filming “Finding Nemo” part 2 and her payout from it and use her spotlight to help save the water that Nemo and his friends must live in.

But, of course, it is not just Ellen’s job, we have do our part too, whatever that might be…Please, do your part.



About Clyde'sDad

I am licensed clinical social worker with a master degree in social work from the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. BTW, my name is Darron and you can email me at darronv@hotmail.com Thanks for reading!
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3 Responses to What if u knew when u would die?

  1. Ronald Weber says:

    Darron, this is indeed a most serious concern. The Church that I serve in Chicago is part of an organization called, “Faith in Place” dealing with many earth friendly issues, but our parish team also is involved with keeping our oceans and large bodies of waters in the best condition possible as we move forward. As Christians, we are entrusted by the Divine Creator to be good stewards of ALL that God has created. Faithful stewardship is about making sure we make good decisions for the LONG term care of each other, the other living creatures on land and sea, and all the resources for which we have been blessed. While we fall short of perfection in this matter, and there are times that we have to choose between the lesser of two “bad” choices, we must continue to carry on doing our very best. Thank you for sharing this insightful and important issue.

  2. kitegirlkitegirl says:

    what normally keeps the jellyfish population in check? im intrigued…

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