7 Billion

Did u know that the planet Earth only has resources for 2 Billion humans? The USA population uses 40% of the world’s resources.

To me this statistic is very scary. The world hit 2 Billion residents at the beginning of the 20th century. Do a little math (that I can handle), and the world’s population has grown 5 times since 1901.

So how does the world go on, despite its resources that should have been depleted over 100 years ago? Well, the biggest reason is that nitrogen fertilizer was developed in the 1930’s. With this magic fertilizer we were able to increase our food supply. Without it, it would be game over for billions of people.

So what are we doing about this overpopulation challenge along with the dwindling vital resources of this planet? As you know, the two most populated countries, China and India have limited the # of kids in a family to 2. I believe that the rest of the families on earth should practice the same # of 2 kids per family as well. I know that sounds extreme, but we have to use extreme measures to deal with this challenge.

With less mouths to feed, we will be addressing the limited resources issue. California is going through a severe drought at present. As a result, the water supply is running out fast.

Environmentalists are some of the guardians of the Earth’s resources, however, they are not addressing the overpopulation challenge. Implementing a more “green” USA through more solar power, wind farms, less dependency on oil and coal, recycling, more energy efficient transportation and etc is not enough. The environmentalists are doing great work, but overpopulation in the world isn’t being addressed adequately by this group.

I challenge you and your locality to do more recycling, better use of basic resources like water, buy less material items (it is possible to live without all of the “toys”). Plant a garden and use the food grow from it. In our town, we have a community garden that many can benefit from. Do better planning for your short and long trips to help reduce our carbon footprints.

We as the Earth’s users must do our part and work with others to do more to save our planet. What will we do if we continue to grow our world population and continue to deplete our resources? We won’t make it.


About Clyde'sDad

I am licensed clinical social worker with a master degree in social work from the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. BTW, my name is Darron and you can email me at darronv@hotmail.com Thanks for reading!
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