Attempts to Meet the Ladies of the 21st Century

Note to Self: I say frequently: Anyways, First of All, and So.
Note to Readers from today and yesterday: Thanks for taking the time to read my stuff.
Note to Others: Don’t u hate when u “miss-click” when moving around Windows or Apple screens?

Anyways, I have been “available for dating” since my break-up with Mindy S. back in December of 12′. We parted ways that year, the week of Jesus’s bday. So sad. It actually took me months to let her go, emotionally and mentally. And I only lived with her for 3 months of our 3-month relationship. No judging please. We learn from our mistakes and move on. Well, hopefully we learn from our ill advised choices.

As u know from reading yesterday’s post, 13′ was a down year for me, personally and professionally but not spiritually. In the dating department, it was pretty much down as well.

So how does one meet the 21st century woman? Well, there are the traditional ways: at work (some say not a good idea but I have met several ladies over the years at work), through friends (i read recently that there is an app for u smart phone owners that allows u to meet available people through your friends-simply amazing, so besides playing Angry Birds, you may also meet your life-long partner), and then, of course any place u frequent (u know what places those are, none of my biz).

Anyways, since I am not working and have no friends who would “turn” me on to single ladies, I am forced to use the technology that our former vice president “invented” or took the credit for, dating sites on the web.

For all of u “old” married folks, a single person first creates a profile for the dating site. The profile can contain truths and/or falsehoods about yourself. Whatever works…right? One of the common particulars in most profiles by the ladies is they “don’t want drama”. I find this one ironic, since in my lifebook, women usually live for drama and create most of it. But anyways, the women also want their men to love children minus drama from exes. They want their potential mates to have a job, good hygiene, tattoos, ride a Harley, financial secure, don’t sit on the couch (all of the time), can cook (never mention cleaning which is my specialty) and the unrealistic list goes on and on.

Oh, I forgot the most vital “request” by the ladies. They warn potential suitors, if u are looking for a hook-up or fwb (friends with benefits), MOVE ON. Love it.

So let’s get back to me…shall we? The first lady (not Michelle Obama) that “was interested in me” lives in southern OK and I live in the polar opposite of that. We texted first, then talked on the phone and then texted while she worked (school teacher, she texted while her 1st graders read) and then finally we set the date to meet. After a month of talk and text, we met at the zoo on Easter Sunday (don’t judge). As soon as she came into my view, I knew the date was over.

But did I end it right away…NO. We walked around the zoo (beautiful day) and talked and talked. When she started sharing that she is considering having another baby at age 48, I got the heck out of Dodge (where did that expression start?) As I am driving back to safety, she texts me and says, “you don’t like me, do u?” I didn’t what to text back. I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. I kept driving and then…she texted again saying, “can we be friends?” She also added, “I am sorry I’m not the one for u.” Ah…

Fast forward November 13′, I make contact with another lady and we “quickly” meet in person. She was a little older than me but she was physically attractive (to me) as our eyes met. We talked for like 4 hours and then SHE gave me kiss good night and said let’s do this again. Well, fast forward two months and we haven’t done it again. U see, a lot of potential mates for me, bail when they realize I don’t drink (alcohol). IT is sad but true. They think (most likely), that how can “they” have any FUN without a “couple drinks”.

So after all my efforts, I have only met two 21st ladies and neither one panned out or into love. I had many false starts where I either texted, IMed (instant messaging) or talked on the phone (like we humans used to do) to probably at least 10 women but after a few days or an hour or two, the possibility of meeting face-to-face was either dashed by me or them.

As I write this, I have one on the “hook” but she is squirming pretty good. I don’t know if I will get her into the boat of dating. Only time will tell…u see, most women don’t need or want men like they did in the 50’s. They are quite accomplished now and there is “technology” now that they didn’t have back then.

If you are single like me, good luck in your search for Ms. Right, not Ms. Right Now (love that). And if you are still married, good luck in maintaining that delicate balance between what she wants and what u want. God Bless u!


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I am licensed clinical social worker with a master degree in social work from the University of Illinois-Champaign/Urbana. BTW, my name is Darron and you can email me at Thanks for reading!
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